Soon, everything in your life revolves around your baby. If this is not a good reason to allow someone to offend you, consider this: “Baby shower can help you become less overwhelmed by the many things you do. 

The baby is coming to you, “says Jodi Cohen, cofounder of JOWY Productions, a Los Angeles-based company. Anything that helps a parent overcome new stress is a good thing. For this reason, we are answering the common questions about a pregnant mother’s shower.

10 Best Mason Jar Baby Shower Ideas In 2020

You want to arrange the party at least four to six weeks before your due date so that you can have enough time to borrow or buy anything you need for your baby – and you have The chances are even lower before Labor in Labor.

It’s a brainstorm to arrange a theme for your baby shower party to make it a momentous occasion. Choosing the Mason Jar Baby Shower Theme will be an asset that you decide on for things like party venues, inviting guests, decorating types, food and more.

If you have shown a title, it will help guests bring similar gifts.such as if you select a mason jar baby shower, your guests will bring a related package in place of other gifts. If your theme is gender-based, your guests can choose gifts for their boy or girl, as the case may be.

We’re brimming with cute mason jar ideas on cells that don’t cost a lot of money, but make a great perception! Mason jars are the perfect addition to farm style or a rustic baby shower.

There are different types of mason jar as baby shower fervor available at different can also make mason shower flower arrangements on your baby shower.

Different baby boy shower centerpieces and ideas are expressed here.different colors are available here of mason jar baby shawer like blue, burlap you can select for your party.

We have assembled serious unstuffy options for your are top ten mason jar baby shower ideas.

50 Mason Jar Baby Shower Prediction and Advice Cards

Create more fun and make more memories with your baby shower baby prediction and advice cards. You can give your advice and well wishes also give your guesses for your baby. With a personal note space on the back, you can put these cards in a baby’s advice book or scrapbook for the child to read again on their first birthday!

Comes with 50 cards to make it easy to write your wishes and also make memories. Most of the baby shower games arrive smaller than expected but our baby shower advice cards are generous that’s why every grandma can easily read and write her words for wisdom.

Designed from 14pt card storm that is both durable and strong. With a smooth, high-quality feel and a glossy finish, you can share your mom and baby tips over time using any pen or pencil without having to worry about smiling or fading.

These cards make for a great shower advice book, baby memory book, journal, or baby shower guest book replacement. Our remarkably designed craft paper will highlight your rustic boho baby shower ornaments and party favors.

These cards have come with 100 % money back guarantee. Our set of 50 cards is printed with the highest quality in the United States.  

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Come with money back guarantee
  • Comes with  50 cards
  • Perfect size
  • Made with high quality premium 
  • Not Trending right now

30 Emoji Pictionary Baby Shower Games

By inviting your friends to have a lot of fun and make your memories by using these emoji games. comes with 30 emoji games ,Can you guess all the 15 funny emoji baby phrases?

Enjoy lots of laughs at this new “Baby” with pure toast on this special occasion with your special friends and family. Use our Answer Key to read the correct answers and get a score to know who the baby shower emoji is.

Made from persistent and sturdy 14pt cardstock. come with perfect large size that help each grandma to read and write her baby emoji guesses.

With a smooth, high-quality feel and glossy finish, you can play without the hassle of using a pen or pencil.

Baby shower games at your party do not resolve to be uncomfortable, boring. Our faux gold shiny star design will highlight your pink and gold, gold and white, or blink baby star garnish and party favors. Perfect for a boy, girl, or gender neutral baby shower , or sprinkle it to celebrate a new baby.

Our set of 30 Baby Shower emoji assets are printed here in the United States with the highest quality. Also comes with 100% money back guarantee.

50 Mason Jar Baby Shower Prediction and Advice Cards – Gender Neutral Boy or Girl

Bring a premium feeling card with a double sided rustic design.Generous size with enough writing space contain 50 high quality 5×7 inch cards. A large number of 50 means extra savings. Made in the US.

Forget thin advice cards with just one-sided designs and not enough room to write them. The Neatz Advice and Prediction Card has been printed on a strong 14 belly card stock, and the design is on its back, which means guests can write more if they wish. The high quality you can always expect from the Neatz also means that they will last longer even when they look good!

Neatz Advice and Prediction Cards are not only well designed with different parts for different forecasts and tips, but they look great too! Their bold, elegant, unique and rustic design will ensure greetings from your family, friends and guests. They also have a great gift idea.

Offers great questions that allow your guests to have fun answers and suggestions. Charming cards that are a perfect cake for memory books and scrapbooks, and can be seen fondly for many years to come. Cards are gender neutral for kids or boys.

  • Made with high quality
  • Perfect size
  • Stable
  • Contain 50 cards
  • Unique design
  • Perfect for both boy and girls
  • Print on the card looks cheap and blurry

50 Mason Jar Advice and Prediction Cards for Baby Shower Game

The 5×7 size provides even more room for guests to write their wishes rather than the smaller 4×6 size. Plus, guests are left behind to write extra notes if they wish! 

Get the new mom and dad message cards, new mom or dad to be on paper, words of wisdom for a girl or boy children, new parent message for advice book, in favor of a fun gender neutral shower party, Baby shower supplies and ideas for children, use baby well, Wishes and Activities, Mother’s Party Stationery Items, Baby Shower Games.

Filling the Hadley design on the card is a customer favorite! They are unique and different from the extensively crafted and boring advice cards.

This is the personal touch that makes the Hadley design advice card special. Each card is handmade on heavy weight smooth card stock. You will get an unusual product that will pay close attention to every last detail.

Advanced card stock makes it easier to write than other advice or goodwill cards that are printed with a gloss finish. Fat cards can stock up Order now to see the difference

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so your purchase is absolutely risk-free! Just compare the $ .29 card to the other sets that cost $ .40 per card !!

  • Durable – Premium card printed on stock
  • Easy to write on
  • One-of-a-kind design
  • The generous 5 x 7 size allows guests plenty of room to leave a message
  • Designed and made in the United States
  • Impress your guests to make a new guest happy
  • 100 Money Refund Guarantee
  • Paper may not very thick

100 Sugar Vibes Mason Jar, Baby Shower Games

The Bingo and Baby Word scramble come with two different games, 50 points per game, 100 games in the set! $ 30 Value, When the Only Coupon Applies, Only $ 0.15  Game. You Can’t Pass This Offer! Cards are printed on 5 “x7” 14 pt. Card stock with a thick and substantial feel.

Unmarking allows more options when it comes to your writing utensils. You can even use a pencil to make marks on the card.These cards were created for everlasting memories compared to other cards printed on fragile cheap paper. 

Have a baby shower with a cute shower and baby shower candy bowls as a shower or sex show party. Our Baby Shower Collection Cards hit all the key points. Proving enough space and space for your guests to sign their names.

This item was hand-wrapped in brown craft paper and twine. This is a style you would love, and an added value when buying as a gift.This baby shower game set is the first step in simplifying your party planning. The gender neutral concept is designed and the party will be with the party theme as well.

It is our personal touch that makes Sugar vibs Mason Jar Baby Shower Collection Cards very unique.With full attention to every last detail, we provide you with the quality we would expect for our own baby shower.

  • Contain 50 Baby Bingo Games,50 Baby Word Scramble Games,1 Baby Scramble Key Card
  • Each card is printed on thick, heavy weight stock.
  • Designed and printed in the United States
  • 2 different games ~ 50 games per card ~ 100 games in combination.
  • Easy to write classic brown craft paper to go with all the different party themes
  • One of a kind Sugar vibes real design
  • The sides of the cards make sense of the punch holes and tie in with fancy ribbons to create a personalized baby shower game book that can be kept and re-read for years.
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  • Only one color is available

Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary Game, 25 Cards – Gender Neutral Boy or Girl

Forget about one-sided design and slim game cards that don’t have enough space to write on them. Neatz Advice and Prediction Cards have been printed on strong 14pt card stocks, and the design on the back is in progress. 

Not only are Neatz emoji pictionary game cards designed, they look great too. Their bold, elegant, unique and mason jar’s rustic design will make sure to get a feel for your family, friends and guests. They also have a great gift idea.

Exclusive mason jar design by our own award-winning artist, which combines your baby shower decoration and baby shower favors. Faux gold letters and stars are printed to look like gold. No real gold or foil.

Not shiny, easy to write with a pen, marker, or pencil without any other smoke and bleeding. A great souvenir for baby souvenir books, journals, scrapbooks or guest books. Neutral for infant boys or girls.

It’s easy to play … be it, guests, in your shower, show sex, the party splits or fill them in on another program by guessing what the emojis baby phrases are … Guest wins the most accurate answers. A great way to talk to people and laugh and make your shower memorable!

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Easy to play
  • Interesting
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 25 cards per card will ensure a leisure time for many guests in your shower
  • emoji size is so small

HOMKO Mason Jar Wall Decor with LED Fairy Lights and Flowers

Homko mason is an automatic switch function that saves more energy. The light is on for 6 hours, then it will automatically shut off for 18 hours, and the next day will automatically turn on the cycle for 6 hours, repeatedly. 

For example, if you wake up at 6:00 pm, it will shut down automatically at 0:00 in the morning, then auto-turn off at 6:00 pm, then close at 0:00.created by hand made and high quality material.

All natural hand packs are wood, cut, sanded, and hand-stained. Each one is unique. It’s easy enough to put all the parts together.You can customize the jars with other flowers that you like to match. LED lights can be taken out of pots and used as a great decoration for parties or holiday celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

You may also create a pretty accent to your hallway, garden, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, dining room, and wherever you like to have a romantic experience. 

Home decoration is good. It is also a big offer for your friends, lovers, anyone you want to give it to. Best Perf for House Warming Party, Birthday, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Christmas Gift Create your own warm and romantic lighting environment.

6 games (50 of each) Baby Shower Games 


6 word games are great for new moms and dads. Baby Bingo, Prophecies and Guides, Children’s Book Emoji, Baby Price Well, Celebrity Baby Names and Guess Who Mommy or Daddy Are!

This set is the most comprehensive set of games, with a total of 300 pieces in our game set. Our literal games are designed for fun, fun for parents, non-parents and one-on-one!

Beautifully crafted cards measure 5 “x 7” and are gender neutral so they fit perfectly with boy or girl baby shower decor and party favors.In addition to fun games, our children’s shower set also includes a section for parents to leave as volunteer tips.

Our beautifully designed gender neutral children’s shower games will not only cover part of your shower activity, but will keep you and all guests entertained.Mummy games are planned to suit a various audience – men and women of all ages, as well as parents and non-parents.




Life of the party

Perfect for both boys and girls


Half of the games didn’t come with a counter-key

Small in size


Baby Foods, DIY Magnetic Spice Jars

The mason jar set is made of high quality materials for maximum durability and convenience.The Kamota glass jars have a beautiful design and can clearly distinguish the contents of the transparent glass.

Each top is skillfully designed with simplicity and safety in mind. The involved covers are sealed tightly to prevent leaks and to keep food items  secure while still being easy to open and close.

BPA Free 100 food food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe. The silver lids are lab-certified corrosion-resistant materials and exceed FDA safety standards. 

Use baby food, jams or jellies, wedding facts, spices, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles. Perfect for wedding facts, shower favors, party favors, or other home gifts. Try filling bath salts, body butter, candy, nuts, buttons, beads, lotions, essential oils and more.

Use mason jars to create unique creations and gifts. You can paint and garnish the classic canning jar however you want and utilize them to create party lights. Give home-made cookies as a unique and personal gift to your loved ones in these beautiful jelly jars.



BPA free and safe food

Classic and elegant design

Versatile and multipurpose

Suitable for decorations and crafts



Did not have any logo on them

30 COTIER Baby Shower Scratch Off Game


Who doesn’t love a POOP emoji? In our hilarious POP Scratching Baby Shower Game, your guests will laugh and laugh once they see how funny this game is. It’s a fun drawing game that you can use for nappy lottery, door prizes, boons, ice breakers and more! 

You can even conceal lottery tickets under your chairs or plates in your program and conceal lottery tickets. Ways to play are endless!This is a great game for you if you are not involved in playing long bathroom games or you do not have time for your baby shower. Scratch and what! 

To start the gameplay, scratch stickers must be applied to all 30 cards that take less than 3 minutes. Once the stickers are placed you simply give the lottery card to the guests and start dancing.

We deliberately designed our game to blend seamlessly with any bathroom theme or decor. The card’s soft muted tones are easy to appreciate and don’t overpower the decor of your table. So whether you have a gender identity, boy-themed, girl-themed, or gender-neutral shower, our game will work smoothly.

Each purchase includes 30 Lottery Scratch Off Cards and 30 Silver Scratch Off Stickers, which provide 1 round of coffee for 30 guests. The cards will need to be applied to the stickers to start the gameplay but this was done to ensure that you have full control over the winning card if your program has less than 30 guests.

  • Easy to play
  • Gender Neutral Design Matches All Themes
  • Guaranteed to be a great hit
  • Quick
  • You can also tape tickets in chairs and plates
  • Effortless

  • There are scratch office stickers that need to be assembled on the cards
  • Small and takes works

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