10 Best Mermaid Baby Shower Decorations in 2020

As we know, planning the perfect baby shower can be a challenge. Whether you’re about to become a mom or her best friend, it seems like everything has happened before. Don’t let it go down.
Even if you’ve come up with a wonderful idea for someone else’s baby shower seen on the Internet, you can use it as a boost for your party. It’s both fun and rewarding. Baby shower can help to ease the feeling of parenthood.

10 Best Mermaid Baby Shower Decorations in 2020

It can also relieve stress and anxiety. How in the world can a party do all this? All through Best Therapy: Gifts and Gab-Babies Need Many Things to Come to the End Gifts from loving friends can go a long way toward making sure all needs are covered.

Giving up accessories, such as diaper products and skin care products (for babies and moms), also helps reduce the feeling of “Am I Enough?” That all new parents feel. And then there’s the grip. Even second- and third-time parents feel uncomfortable about the new life along the way. Really, who wouldn’t?

But talking about and laughing about the adventures of parenting (and the wrong campaign) can significantly reduce this anxiety. In fact, this is an important purpose for bathing children: mentally preparing parents for the next important task.
It’s a good idea to create a theme for your baby shower party to make it a memorable occasion. Choosing a mermaid baby shower decorations will help you decide on things like party locations, inviting guests, decoration type, food, and more.

If the theme is mentioned in the invitation, your guests will be capable to select gifts that match your child’s shower theme.such as if you select a mermaid baby shower decorations, your guests will bring a related package in place of other gifts. If your thesis is saxual, your guests can choose gifts for their babies, as the case may be.

Another fish is about to go in the sea! So celebrate this magical moment with the equivalent of a “Under the Sea ” party. Looking for mermaid baby shower decorations? Start with the invitations that set the tone, then fish for the decor that really drives the house from the main idea.

And don’t forget to send guests home with some nice gifts too. Ready to throw the splashiest mermaid baby shower decorations ever? Shop for all the Mermaid baby shower decoration Parties best accessories below.
When it comes to the mermaid baby shower decorations, special stationery is a must. Find cards with beautiful, creative words and sea colors and maps. You can’t go wrong with a mermaid tail and scales! Here, you will definitely find some of the most beautiful decorations for the legendary shower.

1. Mermaid Tail Balloons Garland for Baby Shower Girl

A great Mermaid Theme Party is about to begin, which is why we have prepared your Mermaid Theme Party Decoration to provide a fun and magical way to celebrate your Mermaid Theme Party!

That’s why, we’ve created your Mermaid Theme Party Decoration to provide a disturbing and magical way to celebrate your Mermaid theme party! Combined with dark purple, light purple, pink, turquoise latex balloons with confetti balloons, you’ll have everything you need to create a perfect and stunning look for your Mermaid theme party!

This item contains 54 counts. Such as 12 dark purple, 12 light purple (10 in), 12 pink (10 in), 12 turquoise (10 in), 6 confetti balloons (12 in), 1 ribbon, 1 balloon garland, 10 glue dot that amazingly decorate your party.

Made with high quality latex balloons, standard 10 inch balloons.The balloon size is very suitable for a party.

High-quality latex balloons.
Comes in different colors.
Have one ribbon.
Perfect size.


  • Have no instructions.
  • Difficult to assemble.

2. Mehofoto Royal Mermaid Princess Backdrop Under the Sea Shell

Mehofoto Royal comes with high technology equipment, made with high-quality vinyl fabric.this is lightweight, slim, easy to carry, durable, and wrinkle-free.

The important feature of this is that it also facilitates the transport method just like it is sent folded. Backdrop hidden from a digital computer. Vinyl is not washable so you can also use damp cloth to clean stains.

Need to maintain distance to take pictures in the background. Contains thousands of realistic patterns and originally designed photographs. We got a very professional photography backdrop factory and supplier.

You may also pull the creases evenly around (use backdrop stands, backdrop clips, clamps). Roll it firmly with the cylinder and then wait for 2 to 4 days and the crease is almost invisible.

You also iron the back side with electrical iron but not dry iron. Iron with a little heat. The wrinkled will be removed. Backdrop can also be used in Studio Backdrop, Stage/occasion Backgrounds, laps / Runners / Clothes, blanket, Window Curtains, Press Conference background. The color may be slightly different from the picture due to the light and the effect of the computer. 

Monitor setting focuses on photography backdrops for many years at the Mehofoto Factory. Mehofoto preparations vary from 5×7 feet, 7×10 feet, 10×10 feet, 10×20 feet to backdrops, rubber mat, matte backgrounds.


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  • High quality vinyl fabric.
  • Backdrop hidden from a digital computer. 
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Vinyl cloth is not washed. Use me clean stains.
  • Thousands of realistic models. There is no reflection and color fidelity.
  • Professional photography backdrop factory and supplier.
  • Easy to use.


  • May contain some spots.

3.Mother to Be Flower Crown Purple Set, Baby Shower for Girl

If you think about a great gift or son-in-law for your son because he will soon become a father? Meant2ToBe provides you essentials. One of the best ways to make Daddy part of this amazing party or stand in the crowd is to add our amazing “Dad To Pin ” button, which comes in purple, to make Daddy for the baby.

This is one of the most beautiful times of her life in which she is about to become a mother, let everyone know that you will live with the new inventive “mother-in-law” that is written in gold. Maybe. 

The high satin and front size is 31.5inch (L) behind 27.2inch (W) that is already being prefixed. The mother is finally going to have a flower crown with combs. Both ends are joined with purple satin ribbons on the back so it fits any size and is very easy to fix on both sides of her hair.

It provides the security and ease of the crown and will be memorable for the mother. This item is constructed using high quality premium that contains artificial flowers.so by using this have a lot of fun.



  • The best way to make daddy part of this amazing party
  • Simple 
  • Easy to fix
  • Sturdy
  • 100% secure 
  • Perfect size



  • Breakable

4.150 PCS Mermaid Party Supplies Paper Dinnerware Set

No one likes cleanliness after a party.so we have come to you because of this need disposable cutlery. We use recycled and environmentally friendly paper, you can easily throw it away when used, save hours after party washing, spend more time with your loved ones at your special events and parties.

This set is made of high quality and dense paper, in heavy board stock quality matt finish, our fancy paper plates will not be folded, broken or broken on the catch, the cup is only 80 under and under cold drinks only for hot drinks.

This dishware is 100% food grade BPA-free, which is not merely harmless for your family and guests, but also for our environment. 

Can catch With these heavy duty paper plates, you can focus on having fun with the party and they don’t have to be changed often. Give your guests the impression, with holidays, family reunions, business meetings, anniversary parties, weddings/graduation parties, weddings, graduation parties, weddings, bridal parties, bridal showers, with extravagantly designed pink paper plates and cups. 

Contains 150 PCS dinnerware sets, including Mermaid paper dinner plates, Mermaid paper dessert plates, Oz paper cups, which you can serve up to 50 guests. Mermaid designs on paper plates and cups to add extra beauty to your party.


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  • Come with 150 pcs
  • Durable dinnerware set
  • Convenient disposable cutlery
  • Perfect for every occasion 
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Extraordinary Golden Dot design, 


  • Do not microwave plates
  • Cup can hold for hot drinks only under 80 and under cold drinks

5. Big Dot of Happiness Let’s Be Mermaids – Baby Shower

Mermaids Scratch-off Cards will be loved by guests of all ages at a children’s bath or birthday party. Every game card measures 2.75 “tall x 4.75” wide. Winners and losers are packaged separately so it’s easy to select game-winners in advance if you choose.

This is simple and easy to use. you can also use it in 3 different ways. Greet guests as soon as they arrive and hand them a scratch off card. Quick – display a scratch-off card on each layout and let guests play before eating.

Favorites – Offer scratch-off cards as mini rewards during other party games. The winning Scratch of Cards (Cards) gets a great prize. This item contains 22 baby shower or birthday party game cards such as 20 “loser” cards and 2 “winner” cards.

Mermaids Scratch Off Cards are professionally printed on heavy duty card stock paper with a glow like image. They are individually inspected and hand-packed carefully, with the winning cards and the losing cards clearly marked. This amusing game will be ready for you to use at your party.

Baby Shower or Birthday Party Game Scratch Off Cards are designed and manufactured in the United States of America at our convenience in Wisconsin. Play, use non-mess glitter. Our games are crafted with a brightly printed image, maximizing the bling effect while eliminating the glowing flick!



  • Come with 22 cards
  • 3 ways to play this game
  • Easy and simple
  • High quality party supplies
  • Cards are manufactured by using Materials at our Wisconsin facility


  • Printed on cheap cardstock

6. Mermaid Advice and Wishes Cards (25 Pack) Girls Baby Shower Games

Help entertain guests by creating rich memories. Baby Cards are a great way to add a personal touch to a baby shower, a birthday or any celebration. 

Our package includes 25 wish cards printed on durable card stock with matte finish that are easy to write. 5×7 size cards are perfect for ticking in a memory book, time capsule, or box to enjoy for next year. 

Wish cards are traditionally filled in during other children’s shower games, but you can also use these cards as a conversation starter, part of your party decoration on the table, on good wishes, at birthday celebrations. , For timely capsules and more. 

Paper smart party products are designed and manufactured in the US. You won’t find our unique mermaid baby shower party supplies anywhere else. Every child will love the idea of ​​personalizing wish cards. Our wish cards are simple and easy to use. However, if you plan to celebrate it, let’s help make your event extra special and fun!



  • Easy to use 
  • Come with 25 packs
  • Made in USA
  • High quality
  • Mermaid party supplies
  • Adorable


  • Cards are traditionally filled
  • Girls baby shower games


7. OurWarm 48Pcs Mermaid Party Boxes Favors Mermaid Party Treat Bags with Shell Stickers

This party’s favorite bag adopted for mermaid element design is popular among children. Mermaid Party has a lovely tail and purple shell sticker on the back of the box, which is very charming.

The boxes that come in favor of this Mermaid need a DIY assembly, which is very easy to assemble. You can invite your child’s peers to collect it, adding to the child’s full sense of skills and experience.

It has 4 styles, each style is 12 pcs, kids can choose which one they like, 48pcs total is enough for kids mermaid themed party decoration.

It’s in favor of a Mermaid Kids Birthday, Baby Shower, or any other Mermaid Party Bag. 

Perfect for party favors and small gifts. Made of premium craft paper, strong bags, laser-cut and polished, natural materials, without any harmful smell. 

They have no strange smells and are safe for candy, cookies, and snacks, pregnant women and children can interact and use. Easy assembly and disassembly, security, and reusable. And in the meantime, tricks for small and delicate candy bag parties are very trick-or-treating.

Specializes in providing the best services for the party, such as wedding, house party, Halloween, Christmas, graduation, fall, and Thanksgiving.


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  • Cost effective 
  • Premium material 
  • Professional brand
  • No harmful no strange smell
  • Unique design
  • Come with 48pcs


  • Have no instruction


8. PartyTalk 50pcs Mermaid Party Boxes Favors Mermaid Gift Bags

Make your little mermaid’s dream come true with a birthday party under the sea. The boxes in favor of our sweet little mermaid party will be perfect for your little ones’ special day.

Our mermaid flat is shipped below sea gift boxes and assembly is required, easy to assemble the box by you and it is meaningful, please refer to our picture.

Wonder inside and your kids will love to give gift bags to their friends, family, and classmates in favor of this beautiful mermaid party! To protect the adhesive, please, attach the glue dot to the bow or tail with a protective film and press it firmly. Do not touch the glue dot by hand.

Our Mermaid Treat Boxes are made of strong and environmentally friendly craft paper, safe and not odorless. Mermaid themed birthday party, princess birthday, baby shower, perfect for kids under the seaside, pool party, swimming party, and any other magical event.


  • 50 mermaid favor boxes


9. Let’s Be Mermaids – Picture Bingo Cards and Markers

Everyone will enjoy playing the Let’s Be Mermaids Baby Shower Bingo at a traditional Baby Shower, Co-Ed Baby Shower or Baby Spraying Party. This classic game gets a new look instead of numbers, instead of Baby Bodysuit-shaped play cards and baby pictures/words. 

Set of 18, the bingo cards and markers are professionally printed and the double card is double-sided on the stock paper. They are individually inspected and carefully hand-packed.

Setup plays only folding and tearing drilled call sheets to create caller chips. Name the bingo leader for pulling collar chips from the bowl. Give one bingo card and one hole marker sheet to each guest. 

Gather and tear guests with their own drilled marker sheet dashed lines to easily create twenty-eight square markers. 

That’s plenty of markers to allow for full coverage of the game.

Buying several Bingo games will guarantee many winners, there are only 18 unique cards in each game package.



  • Come with instructions
  • Have 18 pieces
  • Consist of excellence material
  • Contain easy and classic baby shower game
  • Double sided on strong card stock paper.
  • Professionally printed


  • It’s difficult for each guest to add a photo marker on their card with a square marker.


10. 50pcs Mermaid Party Balloons Confetti Balloons

These mermaid party balloons will affect your party whether you are near or far from it. These bubbles make for an amazing backdrop. Can be used as terrific and photo props for all kinds of parties. 

It not only illuminates the party atmosphere but also allows you to take pictures with it. This set includes 20 pcs Mermaid Party Balloons and 20 pcs Purple Party Balloons and 10 pcs Confetti Balloons. Latex Balloons are made of durable latex material, strong and lasting, and inflated to you. On the go they will not worry about being tearing or bursting.

They are ideal for adding extra fun food to any entertaining event. Parliament balloons are enough to create balloon arches, balloon columns, or multiple balloon bouquets and table centerpieces and any party events. 

If you want to have the best air or birthday parties. Select our latex balloons, absolutely a great party decoration. If you have a birthday or a wedding party, it is not adequate to make a balloon arch or multiple balloon fragrance. This is the right call for you, as 50 Pieces is sufficient for you to use. Party Decoration! 



  • Durable latex material
  • Beautiful colors
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Perfect for every occasion


  • May some balloons had holes
  • Did not float with helium

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