Baby Shower Wall Decorations

Here baby shower wall decorations will include: OH BABY LETTER Balloon Banner (comes with straw, strings and instructions), 2 Shiny hearts (pre-wired), 6 (on the banner “This is a boy” setting) Tissue paper is pom pom (2 white 2 2 light blue, 2 dark blue), 3 color tassel.


10 Best Baby Shower Wall Decorations Ideas

Oh Baby Sign will make the baby shower center a perfect center for wall decoration. You can hang them on ceilings, walls or tables. All you need is tape to hang it from the wall, or if you want your baby to sing in the OH BABY arch for a nice photo proposal for a baby shower wall decoration.

Hey guys, we all want unique surprises, so why not plan a unique baby  shower wall decorations for your boy in 2018 with our blue shower kit.

This Is A Great Product Baby Shower Wall Decorations! When I saw the price, I thought it was one of those situations when you placed an order and received something else, but I thought I’d have a baby shower to plan this weekend. I’ll try it out later! Worst scenario I thought I’d return it and buy something from a Walmart or a dollar store 🙂

But it was really weird when I opened it and you have everything, and the balloons and “oh baby” balloons, the paper balls that are in different shades of white and blue, and those stickers ” Boy “and everything. You’re ready to set it up!baby shower wall decoration has beautiful and amazing colors.

Half-letter bubbles never explode, a real disappointment. The inflation points were sealed when the product came in. I couldn’t bring the straw in to trap them. After about 40 minutes of trying, I had to move on to another B plan. Tried with. The banners and other accessories were fine, that’s why the product

This  baby shower wall decoration set is great! I’ve already used it for 2 baby showers and plan to continue using it. All you have to do to deflate the balloons is to put a straw inside the opening and let the air out. Make sure to keep it in place until you feel the wind.Baby Shower Wall Decorating Set is on beautiful, colorful print Shower Wall Decoration sets many themed options and is more beautiful for kids to play.

This decoration is beautifully laid out behind the central table. Everyone, including parents, loved it. Once the children’s bath was finished, the decoration didn’t hurt at all and I will definitely be using it again sometime in the future. For this reason, I definitely recommend this decoration. It offers both quality and price. Worth it

One of the things I wanted the most was the “oh baby” chrome balloons. When the baby shower came, I soon found out that they were often used to spread, not helium. They don’t even swim with helium. So these balloons had to be hung. My baby shower doesn’t allow anything to hang with the tape in the venue so I was so stressed. But they were other decorations

Very nice decoration! We added air to the balloons twice as directed before the party and everything was fine! Everyone commented on the decoration.

Great cut! Balloon letters were much faster than we expected. This paper pom-pom has been made reusable only after it was originally purchased. Overall – Greater prices than similar items at local party supply stores.


1. Pink letterboard

Our unique letterboard will stand out from the rest. Each board comes with a faded flower and shiny gold letters, symbols and symbols to make your message pop!

Our handmade letter boards are made with strong wood frames and soft, amazing, pink hues.

INFINITE USES: The included wall hanging hook makes it great for keeping your decoration alive. Plus our board is perfect for reminding Instagram, kids photos, restaurants / cafes and special events!

Measuring 10 inches to 10 inches is best for this board’s front door, dessert table, gift stand, etc. As you will find 374 precut reusable letters, letters, symbols and emojis along the board. This particular board is designed with pink though. You also have the option of choosing a black or gray board when purchasing. The American oak frame allows this letterboard to look good in any party, no matter the subject.

Changing the mark will not be a problem as the letters simply move on and off the board. The back of the board has a wall hanger and a foldable stand. Which lets you hang this board or put it on the table. They are not being used inside the enclosed drawstring bag to prevent any loss. After the baby shower, you can continue to use this board for your baby, despite the fact that the optics for use are practically non-exhaustive.


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Entering letters is easy and easy to delete.

The wall is equipped with hangers and flabby stands.

Contains a large number of numbers, letters and symbols.

Can be used for a wide variety of kindness.


There are no instructions on how to add a foldable stand


2. Fanghui photo backdrop

Who doesn’t want a nice photo op, especially in the era of social media, friendships boast about how cute a friend is, that this kid is going to lose self with his girlfriend from behind? Makes a great place. It’s a party theme and with some balloons to fit anywhere.

You will find this background in thirteen different designs. Some are birthday-specific, two are baby shower-specific, and there are many entertainment options that can be used universally because they have no messages. They come with two additional options, ranging from 5 to 3 and 7 to 5 options, each up to ten centimeters.

This background will be folded into a box so you may want to give yourself some time to easily remove it before the party. The company recommends hanging it so that some of the crease falls naturally. Then you can roll it. To reduce more wrinkles

It’s lightweight, easy to store, and easy to carry. It drops around our average price. It’s not decorated well enough to fill the entire space, so if you’re looking for extra decor and themed. If you plan to add related flatware, budget carefully and keep in mind that this background does not include equipment to hang it on. But it is high quality print and reasonably priced.


Beautiful, colorful print on vinyl

Lightweight and easy to store

Lots of different themed options

Two sizes to choose from

Easy to match with other decorations


You will need from time to time to smooth out the fines

Does not include mounting equipment



3. Mini acrylic baby pacifiers

The beauty is in the details. Scatter these mini acrylic baby pacifiers on the tables that add a charming touch to your baby shower.

Measures 1,2 inches to 3,4 inches. They are about the size of a penny. Blue and pink include 144 pacifiers. The acrylic material is extremely durable and has no plastic smell.

If you are feeling creative, you can also loop a piece of ribbon through a relaxing hole and tie them around, make beads, and so on. You can even add them to baby shower games. For example, one can give each guest a necklace. Every time with several callers they say the word ‘baby’, the guest they are talking to can steal their satisfaction and add it to their necklace. The person who won the most peace.


Cute and cheap

A large number of peacekeepers are involved

Available in both pink and blue


Some viewers don’t like how small they are


4. Tinksky  29pcs photo props

Contains 29 pieces of nicely decorated, decorative Tansky Baby Shower Set made for durable lasting paper. These are just fun photos for the baby shower for family and unforgettable pictures with friends. Sign of chapel, hat and beautiful dialogue

This beautiful set helps you create amazing memories of the gathering, as they fit perfect adult heads for the perfect picture. They come up to snap a picture and put it on doors and tables.

The cost of decorating these cute girls is about half the average cost of such items. They are for photo only but are made of good quality paper and can be grouped for other parties.



Includes twenty nine amazing pieces

Also good for a kid’s birthday party

Well-made, a great size, and long lasting


The glue was sticky and created a mess for some people


5. Mini plastic milk bottle

Purchased to make / make quirky milk juices. These bottles are the perfect size and travel very well. Lids can cause some stains, but they can be washed

“Great for party fans or gifts”. Through the hole

I used this jar for the party on my younger brother’s birthday. They are the perfect size to fill with candy. These small jars are lovely and are in the best interest of the party. The lid is very tight, but I wouldn’t say it’s liquid proof. I also used a gift jar for my friend. I filled it with tea leaves. These jars are also great to use as small gifts. The only problem I had was that he broke into the box, but it was not such a big deal, we had enough for his brother’s party and some were left. It all worked out in the end. In the picture I have given a reference to a PB jar for reference to how big the jars are. They are of good enough size to give gifts.

“Perfect for any occasion !!” – by Laurel

Perfect, these bottles come in perfect condition and are not as you would find at discount stores. They are so much more important with great detail! These bottles are definitely worth buying and they will be something you can often use without fear that they will be easy to break!


Easy to fill


Includes 24 bottles


Plastic may cav in if squeezed too hard


6. Quotidian 48 cupcake toppers

Quality Cake Toppers: The Baby Shower Party is crafted with a 48-count cake topper, a white white paper board and plastic toothpicks.

Cut toppers: 6 beautiful styling patterns for cake and cupcake decoration, make your party even more fun. Have a baby shower party!

Size: About 4 by 4 inches, including sticks, which are easy to put in cupcakes.

Cupcake liner not included. Do not put it in the oven, only for party cake decoration.

: We are sure you will like our Baking Cup Cake Toppers,

I used them in a friend’s baby shower last month. They were a hit! They wore blue cupcakes only and made them even more festive without breaking the bank and getting cups of top dollar. The only problem I had was that the two of them got stuck together and when I got separated from them they hurt each other a bit, but we forced them to work. Plus, they were a great one!

These are cute and high quality! They arrived ready to decorate! Dental grease was not necessary! My cupcakes were a hit!


Perfect for regular or minimize cupcakes

Includes forty eight pieces with six adorable design

Colors used are vibrant


The cloud of sticks is slightly lower for some preferences


7. Youparty

An example of “being in this bag” is that great games don’t have to be complicated. Very simple: Divide into teams and wonder if your team is in the hands of members that make the word appear. Round 3: The first round is the verbal clue (taboo), the second round is the only literal gesture, the third round is the only (way of chords) work. Each period has a gradual problem but you are already considered a word. And that’s it! It’s a game! The party game is simple and gives you one of three styles. What I think is the most fun word is not the style itself, but also the reactions of other people’s impressions, acting, style, etc. Sure, you can see the score, but when you make someone laugh you don’t care about winning them. Try to work out the slime situation, or use a literal gesture for “Beyonce”. This requires your party game collection

We played it for the first time with some friends, including a boy of 9 friends. It’s a bit taboo and like the chardis but an extra round is thrown in the middle – use one word to describe that word. I’ve never been a huge fan of cheerleaders because I don’t like to feel like I’m fooling myself, but that’s pretty cool! (It really helps that you know what the words are from previous cycles.) Before that we had never played games with these specific friends, but everyone was torn down and exploded. This is definitely on our list of sports night sports.


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Cute,trendy color scheme

Great customer service


Some users are worried about game defaulting after a few hours



8. Yara pink s gold

This girl is !! This precious time of your life deserves only the best, which is why we created this custom and unique package! Unlike Tissue Paper Fans, our awesome Baby Shower Decoration consists of fans made of high quality card stock paper with gold foil that is durable and reusable.

This set includes: (1 x) Extra Long Gold Twin in Glossy Pink and Gold “Baby Girl” Banner, (8 x) Paper Fans with Gold Foil, (8 x) Floral Shiny Gold Centers , (12 x) Tissue Paper Tassels – Rose Gold, Baby Pink, Peach, Cream, Polka Dot, Tan.

This set looks beautiful for spring, boho, princess, woodland, or even rustic backdrop. Prepare it and re-use it for crusting, baby’s first birthday, photography background or even decorate the office of a colleague for an amazing party. Use indoor, outdoor, hang on ceilings, walls, tables, trees and more.


Made from quality card stock paper and gold foil

These are reusable for many occasions

Will make any party shine and sparkle


Tape on fans keeps coming undone


9. Qute Chat boy kit

A 12 pc Triangle gold and white banner with polka dots, 12 pc tassels, 4 gold foil, 4 white, and 4 white with black white polka dots, 1 oh boy cake topper with gold glitter, 4 gold 6 heart-printed black latex balloons and 2 gold oh baby prints, 1 oh boy banner with a black glittery tie in gold.

These beautiful gold and black shiny baby shower decorations are perfect for both rain showers or first birthday parties! This fashion decoration will make your guests wow and is the perfect way to welcome your new baby.

Use the decoration to bathe your shower! Hang in, out or out of a desk, between a chair, a door or a tree! Then, use these versatile decorations to decorate the nursery and reuse for the baby’s first birthday!


Easy to put up and take down

Makes a wonderful photo backdrop

Can be used indoor or outdoor


Some buyers were expecting more pieces in the set.


10. Homejoy 19 pieces pink s gold

What you got: 12 tissue paper pom poms (8 inch 2 * pink + 2 * cream + 2 * gold, 10 inch -2 * pink + 2 * cream + 2 * gold) paper 6 paper liners (10 inches 2) Pink + 2 * Cream + 2 * Gold) 1 1 * 10 Foot Circle Dot Paper Bead. This party set is best  for decorating your special occasion.

12 pcs tissue paper 2 sizes of flowers: 6 * 8 “, 6 * 10” in 3 colors: pink, cream and gold; 6 pcs paper lantern: 6 * 10 “in 3 colors: pink, cream and Gold 1 1 pcs pink cream circle dot paper bead gold color.


This Party Decoration Ideas For Birthday Party Graduation Decoration, They are super fast and light – just perfect for a special occasion! They are beautiful, nice and golden. They can be hung from any roof, tree branches, door or tent.

Made of premium luxury color tissue paper, Tissue 100re recycled sheet. This is the # 1 grade MF tissue paper. Tissue to fit or leave behind any color tissue on the market today!


Color are amazing in gold,cream and pink

Contains nineteen pieces in the set


Takes a bit of work to put the pieces together.


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