Baby Shower Guest Gifts

Whenever a child is born, it became a focal person for the family members; relatives, friends and everyone around him or her, when you bring your child home for the first time, you invite your relatives and friends at your house to make them a part of your happiness. 

10 Best Baby Shower Guest Gifts Ideas

The person who is coming to your home always has an aim to bring a suit able gift for your new born baby, there is a vast verity of things or product that are available in the market , that you could choose as your gift option, but choosing the right thing can be sometime a tricky work to do. Person buying gift for the baby mostly gets attracted towards the clothes, toys, feeders and other accessories related to it, but this is not just the end, there are much more things that are available in the market  that you can select as your gift option. 

So today I’m going to tell you about the 10 products that are not just long-lasting but are pretty attractive, useful and are available at low prices. These products are:

  1. Baby Hand & Footprint Photo Frame Kit with wooden frame,
  2. 24 Packs Baby Bottle Opener Baby Shower Party Favor Poppin Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener.
  3. Marry Acting 2 Dozens 3.5 Inch Feeding Bottle Candy Box with 5 Pcs Artificial Flower Rose for Baby Shower Favor Gift Decoration (Pink).


1. Baby Hand & Footprint Photo Frame Kit with wooden frame

Everyone has a desire of keeping a sign of the new born baby, or you could say preserving his or her first things like his or her photo, first hairs, first cloths etc., but do you know kubai has just introduced a unique thing in the market through which, you cannot just save your child’s first photo but can also save his or her hand and footprints.

Kubai has introduced a frame kit in which you cannot just past photos but you can also add your babies hand and footprint in craved in white clay. It is a unique way to save some real and tangible memories of your baby. So let me tell you about the things that you will receive in this package and how to use them.

So you will receive a nice and decent gift ready box that will contain:

  1. 4 pieces of personalized mates in different colours pink, light green, sky blue and white, to separate the compartment of pictures and the hand and footprint.
  2. 3 packs of good quality non-moulded white clay, which is 100% safe and easy to use, to in crave the hand and the footprints.
  3. 1 wooden rolling pin to flatten the clay.
  4. Letters and number stamps to put name and date of birth on the clay.
  5. Instruction manual, to make it easy for you to understand.
  6. A 12 x 9.7 inch high quality wooden frame that contain hokes to hang it on the wall, support for standalone position and a rear glass cover. Along with a plastic frame on the back to filled up with clay.

How to use:

Step 1: wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 2: unpack all 3 packs of the clay.

Step 3: mix up all the packs of clay together.

Step 4: put the clay in the plastic mould frame and fill the frame by spreading the clay with your hands.

Step 5: flatten the filled clay using the wooden pin.

Step 6: place your babies hand and then his or her foot on that frame full of clay, and gently press to in crave the marks of hand and foot. And use stamp to in crave name and the date of birth.

Step 7: the mate contain 3 sections, one for clay (half side), and other half for 2 photos (1/4th for each). Stick two photos on the back of the mate.

Step 8: now place the mate along with the pictures on the plastic frame that contain clay.

Step 9: last but not the least places the wooden frame along with the glass sheet. And you’re done.

Now you just have to hang it on the wall or place it on the side table of your bed. 

Now I will illustrate some of the pros and cons of this product:


  • Easy to use.
  • Looks attractive.
  • Easy to change pictures if you want.


  • It is a fragile product so keep it away from children’s.

2: Marry Acting 2 Dozens 3.5 Inch Feeding Bottle Candy Box with 5 Pcs Artificial Flower Rose for Baby Shower Favor Gift Decoration (Pink)

Candy keeping box is a useful thing, candies kept in them always remain save and fresh also these boxes looks pretty attractive, but if it is made adorable then these boxes became more attractive. So if you desire to get a product like it then Marry Acting 2 Dozens 3.5 Inch Feeding Bottle Candy Box is a good option for you.

The marry acting candy box is small in size 24 set of candy keeping boxes that are shaped like feeding bottle, this shape makes it suitable for gifting a baby. The box is small in size, attractive in look and furthermore is decorated with some ribbons and a small cut bear. 

So what will you get in the delivery package!

2 dozen (24) pieces of 3.5 x 1.5 inches, adorable, perfect sized candy boxes (bottle). These boxes have transparent body with a baby pink cap who’s upper part (nipple) is white in colour. These boxes are further decorated with some pink ribbons that have been cute in different designs and a cute little bear in pink colour on the front side of the box. All of its decoration makes it look more adorable and attractive for every viewer. 

5 pieces of beautiful Latex Foam pink roses that are crafted with a precision, the diameter of the flowers head is 3-4 inches and the length of its stem is about 6-7 inches, the main purpose of these flowers is the decoration, to only make your set up of the party looks attractive.

No I will illustrate some of the pros and cons of the Marry Acting 2 Dozens 3.5 Inch Feeding Bottle Candy Box:


  • The main advantage of these boxes is that they come in vast quantity (2 dozen) so you can keep 24 different kinds of candies in each box.
  • You can use them as a decoration piece just because of its cute look.
  • Easily affordable.


  • Small in size, so less amount of candy is kept inside.
  • The ribbon can get damage if it is not used under proper care.

3: Johnson’s Bath Discovery Baby Gift Set

Johnson’s Bath Discovery Baby Gift Set is one of the most useful gifts you can give on a baby shower party. Johnson’s is a worldwide famous company that manufacture products like baby shampoo, baby soap, baby wipe tissues etc. the quality of their products is pretty much reliable. And the prices are relatively good and affordable.

The product I’m going to tell you about isn’t just a product. This product is a set of 7 products, yes! A pack of 7 different hypoallergenic useful things that makes it one of the best gifts you can give to a baby. This pack contains all the 7 things that are necessary and useful in the bathing process from cleaning to moisturising and wiping.

So the things that you will receive in your package are:

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Tear free shampoo:

  • This shampoo is specially made for baby’s soft and sensitive skin. Babies skin require special care because there skin is really sensitive, regular shampoos contain comical that can hurt your babies skin (rash, itching etc.) so safety is better than treatment. Use the Johnson’s shampoo to avoid this entire problem because of its Hypoellergic formula. Another property of this is the tear free wash; its gentleness on the baby’s eyes protects the problem of tears from the baby’s eyes. 

Baby lotion:

  • The baby skin require regular moisturising, using a suit able lotion can make your work easy. And when it comes to the baby skin, the Johnson’s baby lotion is the best partner in this condition. Johansson’s Baby lotion moisturise the baby skin and give it a new freshness.

Baby body wash:

  • Cleaning the whole body of the baby is necessary. The Johnson’s baby wash gently and thoroughly cleans the body of baby so no germs can stay on his or her body. 

Hand and face wipe:

  • For wiping the water gently from the sensitive skin of baby.
  • Diaper rash cream:
  • Mostly babies face the problem of rash this cause irritation, to avoid this use diaper rash cream. 

Safety swabs:

  • To gently clean the sensitive ears of your baby.
  • And a bucket to keep all these things safely.


  • Multiple use packages.
  • Safe and good quality.
  • Best gift for baby shower party.


  • Keep away from chides else they could spill all the liquid.
  • A bit expensive.

4: Cutest Handmade Pitter Patter Soap

This is the cutest soap I’ve ever seen. This soap is introduced by the USA Company which is an FDA registered company. This is another cute thing that you can give to the baby’s parents on the baby shower party. This soap is specially made for the babies. It is round in shape with 2 cute footprints in craved on it make its look more attractive and adorable. The soap is available in three colours, pure white, off white (skin colour) and baby pink. The diameter of the soap is 2 inches and it is 0.75 inch thick.

The soap comes in an attractive and beautiful looking small box. The box is 2.45 inch long and wide (square shaped), and the box is 1.45 inch deep, further there is another that contains the soap; the box is for the outer packing. The inner packing is transparent so that the soap can be visible on the first sight. The soap in the inner packing is placed in the ribbon that is abstractly filled in the box; this design gives it a cute and gentle look.

In the package you will receive 24 pieces of this soap, and you can also order 12 pack packages too. If you buy a 24 pack package then you will be able to receive a free gift of an “Oh Baby” gold coloured cake topper, that will makes your cake looks more attractive.

The company is giving a 100% refund guaranty, if you receive a broken piece of soap during the delivery.


  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Attractive look.


  • Very small is size.
  • Not tear free, so keep the hands away from the baby’s eyes.

5: 24 Packs Baby Bottle Opener

We often love to use bottles (coke…) in our party for the refreshing purpose, how will it feel to get a gift that can help us to open the bottle cap. The Poppin bottle opener is the product that can be used as a gift and it is also a bottle opener. Its unique feeding bottle shape makes it suitable to give it as a gift on the baby shower party. 

The bottle opener is made using a good quality zinc alloy, which makes it strong enough to open any bottle cap. To make its look more attractive, the feeding bottle shaped opener is coloured golden that make its look unique. The size of the bottle opener is 3 x 1.4 inch which fits in your hand and gives a good grip.

You will the package of 24 bottle openers packed in a white coloured ready to give gift box. The box is specially designed with an attractive precise look, the gift box is 3.2 inches wide and 4.5 inches long with a transparent sheet (smaller than the box) on the top of the box, for displaying purpose. Furthermore the box is wrapped (decorated) with some white ribbons and a “Love” written ribbon piece on the front to make it look more elegant.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Makes bottle opening easy.
  • Comes in a ready to give gift pack.


  • Keep away from the kids.

6: Footprint Design Chocolate Packaging Box

Kids love to eat chocolate, candies sugar etc. these things can also be given as a party (birthday, shower etc.) gift to the kids to make them feel joy. But giving these things (chocolate, candy) in packed gift foam makes it more attractive and remember able for the kids as well as for you. Packing these things can be a bit time consuming work, but not now, because I’m going to introduce you a readymade gift box specially designed for this purpose.

Footprint Design Chocolate Packaging Box! This is an ideal box designed for packing chocolates and candies. The box comes in white colour with two layers the upper layer is pure white, with a cutting of cute footprints on these front of it. And the second is the coloured layer for giving an attractive and 3D look to the feet design. Furthermore it is wrapped in a coloured ribbon. The 6 inch cube shaped box size is pretty convenient. 

You will receive 50 boxes in the package. With different colours, 10pcs light pink, 10pcs dark blue, 10pcs light purple, 10pcs light green, 10pcs light blue. Along with the similar colour ribbons. A complete gift pack. The box comes in flat packing, but it is really easy to assemble, and it takes no time to complete it.


  • Attractive and simple.
  • Affordable price.
  • Many pieces in one pack.


  • Not come in assembled form.

7: Phyther Cactus Tea light Candles

It is another cute looking attractive gift for baby shower party. The tea light cactus candle. It is not an ordinary candle, because its shape makes it so much unique and attractive that everyone will defiantly love it. These are the candles that have been shaped like different cactuses plants, these small group of candles will lit up your table as well as your party. The candles are made from the unscented paraffin wax, because of this no acrid smoke or smell is produced making it suitable for indoor party.

They have been made with the precision, there green colour with a small touch of pink and yellow colour (to make it look like to respective plant) is so realistic and attractive, and the detail makes it more elegant. They are round in shape from the bottom.

Their size makes it even cuter, they are 1.5 inch in diameter and 1.5 inch high (approximate). This small size covers no space and can fit on any place. Their burning power according to their size is magnificent; it can last up to 5 hours. 

They come in packed foam that contains 12 pieces of candles in it. They are safely packed in a box (only for the bottom size: 0.75 inch) and its upper part is covered with a transparent sheet, for the display purpose.


  • Unscented and produce no smoke. This makes it safe for indoor party.
  • Cute and adorable.
  • Long burning power.


  • Burns within a sight so keep away from children’s.
  • Keep away from combustion and electricity.

8: Koala Shape Folded Towel Kawaii

Have you ever seen a toy shaped towel, if no then try this towel for your babies. A perfect, useful thing you can give as a gift on a baby shower party. The towel is folded in the shape of koala. That attracts the babies. It is made using a good quality microfiber (100%) which is suitable for the baby’s sensitive skin. The towel is wrapped in a way that the body of the koala is the towel sheet, and its head is placed on the top of it (made using 100% microfibers) along with the eyes nose and the ears of the koala which looks so cute.

If your babies hands are wet then just give him or her that towel, they will dry up their hands while playing with the towel. The towel comes in a box packing for the bottom and the upper part of the box is covered with a transparent sheet for the display propose. The towel further move have a small heart shaped piece of fabric (pink) in its neck which make its look more cute. Size of the towel sheet is 20 cm (length, width).

You will receive the package of 8 packs of towel in one set.


  • Easy to use.
  • Comes in ready to give gift pack.
  • Available in different colours.


  • Can tear off easily. 

9: FYHAP Baby Swaddle Blanket

In winter season a blanket is the best gift you can give to a baby, that makes the baby feel warm and comfortable, and for this propose FYHAP Baby Swaddle Blanket can be a good choice. It is a unique and easy to use blanket, that have buttons on the front of it, just open the buttons, place the baby in it at close the buttons again and you’re done. No need to wrap and no tension of unfolding.

The blanket has 2 layers. The inner layer is made using the soft white velvet fleece, which feels so comfortable and warm. And the outer layer of the blanket is made using a good quality knitted fabric. That makes its look more elegant and attractive. Furthermore the blanket has 3 buttons on the front side. Which makes it easy for you to wrap or unwrap the baby and also the baby can feel comfort inside it. The blanket is 26 inch in length and 15 inch in width, so that the baby can fit easily inside it. And it is available in 4 attractive colours.


  • Good quality fabric.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easily Washable.


  • Fixed size babies with the age of 2 year can’t fit in it.

10: Cutest Duck Gift Soap Favours

To make babies feel exited in the bath time we often give them a rubber duck so they can play as well as enjoy the bath time. But have you ever given your baby/child duck shaped soap? If no then try this Cutest Duck Gift Soap that is just, made to make the bath time fun time for the babies.

This soap looks so cut, it is shaped just like a rubber duck, and also its colour is yellow. The ingredients used in these soaps manufacturing makes it safe to use. Rich in glycerine, moist skin. Rinses off clean and leaves no soap residue .Slight fresh fragrance and delightful scented. The size of this soap makes it more cute and adorable. The soap is 1.75 inch long and 1.5 inch high. And comes in a ready to give gift packing. Its box size is smaller to a 3×3 rubric’s cube. 2.5 inch wide and 2.4 inch high with a ribbon on it making it looks more attractive. You can order 12 pieces as well as 24 pieces of soap in one pack.


  • Good quality.
  • Slight fragrant 
  • Attractive and adorable look


  • Small in size.
  • Conclusion:

I have illustrated 10 products above that you can give as a gift on a baby shower party, it’s up to you to choose the product, but the main purpose of giving the gift is to show your love.  All of these products that are listed above are available at an affordable price. So you can buy two or three products or more…

Choose the product according to the baby, for girl you can choose things in pink colour, and for the boy you can get the product in blue colour. All the things I have illustrated are useful products, not just a decoration piece. For example a bottle opener, candle and towel. All things are useful for you. As well as attractive in look.

You can order all these products on the site of amazon.

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