Bumble Bee Baby Shower Decorations

Bumble bee baby shower decorations Paired with beautiful bees and black and yellow stripes of bees you pair beautifully with any other party supplies, making your cape wrappers the perfect addition to your bumble bee party. These designs are so versatile oh and they are perfect for both adult party decoration and children’s parties! Use either side of the wrapper, or just one … it’s up to you!

10 Best Bumble Bee Baby Shower Decorations Ideas

Bumble Bee Birthday Celebration or Bee Theme Baby Shower L Cup Cup Cake Decoration

A fresh, artistic on party decoration

Caterers, bakers and party planners use sweet skirts to really make their events shine, now you can too! Create a professional-looking dessert table display that lets your friends think you’ve hired a professional party planner. With the help of special art created by our in-house designer, your home-made cupcakes, muffins, and treats will look like they came from an expensive bakery. Home-loving touches are amazing!


Bee Baby Shower Decoration Cupcake Wrappers are manufactured in the United States with high quality paper and soy-based inks for changing birthday and baby shower cupcake wrappers with bumble bee baby shower decorations and a quick Simple tabs and slots combined with closing.

Adjusting the baby’s baby shower decorations to three sizes, Sweet Skirts Cupcake Wrappers are mostly standard cupcakes, whether from home or bakery. Bee Baby Shower Decoration Elegant Cupcakes Cover the ugly baking liner on your cupcakes and muffins to create a beautiful and professional look. Showcase your program. Just pour your baked cupcake into the wrapper, then add the frosting. You can bring your cupcake wrappers to the bakery in advance and store them on your cupcakes, or simply add the carefully crafted cake to the cupcake wrappers.

Bee Baby Shower Decoration Elegant Party Supplies Brings Your Bumble Bee Party Theme to the Table or Cupcake Tower These cups are a quick and easy decoration for your child’s first birthday party or party favors. They will make such an impact in your event with such little hard work!

Use sweet skirts cupcake holders to wrap the cups, then fill them with hungry items, sundries, or party favors.bumble Bee Baby Shower Decoration Cupcake wrappers are perfect for black and yellow bee’s birthday celebrations, make a baby shower for the bee, or it can be used to represent the bee’s gender party.

On each side of each wrapper are black and yellow horizontal stripes. The other side of each cake wrapper is a beautiful honey-shaped pattern with a handmade bumble bee baby shower decorations sketch.bumble Bee Baby Shower Decoration is a lovely way to decorate for baby showers and birthday parties

  • Cake Decoration
  • In favor of the party
  • Single serving party dining
  • Muffin wrapper

You will find 36 high quality bumble bee baby shower decorations, easy-to-assemble cupcake wrappers. The bumble Bee Baby Shower Decoration is an enormous envelope made of heavy-weight card stock printed with special confetti handcrafted art.



1. Bumble Bee Baby Shower Favor Stickers – 180 Labels

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Favor Stickers 


Bee Baby Shower Stickers made to meet your mom for bee baby shower decorations.

Keep small candies peeled and stick to make the baby’s baby shower shower favors.

Candy not included. 0.75 “diameter to fit the bottom of the kiss for everyone, in favor of gender-neutral bee baby shower guests.

Use multi-party favorite stickers: scrapbook stickers, baby shower invitation envelopes, and DIY bees for baby shower favors.

Add a little extra baby shower to your Unisex bee baby with our Bumble Bee Baby Shower Stickers. Black, white, and yellow designs

They are so cute I used them to seal baby shower invitations. The problem is that a sheet was hidden when off so that the pattern was not on the whole sticker, or you could find the pattern of the next columns on the sticker. The entire sheet was unusable. Luckily the second page worked and it was quite a sticker for my purpose.

We used it on everything. Invitations, candy, kindness and anything else we can think of. There are so many stickers out there and while we only thought about candy it was the result of going for a bunch of little random things that we needed to use tape. Great for beeswax themes You have great because not all stickers have baby shower written.


  • Beautiful stickers
  • Different variety
  • Easy to use


  • Some viewers are expecting more stickers in set.


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2. Shower Decoration Bumble Bee Balloons for Baby Shower

JuVenis Happy Bee Day Balloons


What will he or she bring? Announce your pregnancy with your family and friends in a beautifully styled bee-themed party! This will make the perfect center for your shower. Our Bee Balloons Make the Best Decoration for a Party!

13.5 “to 15” sheet balloons Large 25 * 31 inch fly balloon. The bubbles come flat and default.

For all of you who love everything sweet, we made this balloon for you! This kit is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest of the gender development party.

Package Included: 11 x letter balloons. 2 x Bee Balloons. 2 x Flower Balloons.

The balloons are well made and easy to fly. They were hard to figure out how to execute but, after many attempts at trial and error, it worked best with phishing lines and command hooks. We were sorry that one of them came with a hole in it, but we worked to clean it and blew it repeatedly.

And he did well (as he has been in this photo for 3+ weeks). Although they look great and look at the party with a theme and a bit of decoration

I read reviews on this product and thought to myself it would be great for my daughters’ second birthday. We celebrated it on Thanksgiving with the family when once I started blowing balloons, most of the letters had holes. I could only plant one bumble bee and one flower.

Letters expire after several minutes, and since it was thanks to the store that no one was open we could use it as a replacement. My daughters theme had a bad background because it was so important. So worried that I spent this money on a product that was useless. I’ll just go to the store next time and pay extra instead of buying from here.


  • Amazing balloons for kids birthday gift


  • Colors not shiny


3. Mehofoto Bee Birthday Backdrop Honey Bee Girl Birthday Photo Backdrops

Honey Bee Girl First Birthday photo back ground


This banner was perfect for my daughters’ first birthday. The theme was “Bees” and it fits perfectly. It is really well made and of excellent quality. I would definitely recommend this seller and if I ever need another banner I will look here first.

High resolution, computer-printed, not easy fade, color fidelity, strong artistic effect stereo feel.

King packing: 1x pc backdrop, item shipped by joints, ironing the back surface with steam iron can remove low temperature creases.

shower Ideal for children’s shower, sports photography, birthday celebrations, kids and adults


  • General Chat Chat Lounge Joints and can be lightweight
  • Suitable for indoor photography.
  • Rigid parts can be cleaned with rags but cannot be washed.
  • It is suitable for birthday celebrations, baby showers, weddings, family photography and more.


  • Not perfect for my children


4. Sea Creatures Mini Centerpieces 5.5-Inch (4-Pcs)

Sea Creatures Mini Centerpieces 5.5-Inch (4-Pcs)


Each sea creature measures 5.5 inches.

Fully assembled two sides. The whole era opens.

Beetle item number 50449.

Under the center of the ocean for festive occasions.

The perfect creature for you under the Sea Theme Party.

Since 1900, the Beetle Company has been dedicated to producing innovative products with quality construction. Our products have long been recognized as the standard of quality and value on which others decide.

We pledge to continue our commitment to excellence in design, manufacture and service, as we know satisfied customers become loyal friends.

We carry items for almost every holiday season, theme and special occasion. Our products are highlighted in full color to ensure that our customers can clearly see the products they want to purchase.


  • Includes 4 pieces
  • High quality product
  • Best gift for every occasion


  • We want some changes in set.


5. Paper Honeycomb Jellyfish Party Decoration

Paper Honeycomb Jellyfish Party Decoration


1 pink hanging decoration

Need to assemble, may take some time, is very easy

Size: Approximately 9 inches in diameter, hanging length is 23.6 inches

They can be hung from any roof, tree branches, door or tent.

Suitable for little girl, boy, daughter, baby, toddler, wife, grows and any friend

The jellyfish offers a bit of a crunch on its height. Just flashing means that the movie can easily be forgotten, but Leo will not be moving.

As for Hill, he has genuinely funny bones and his brilliant abilities are shining once again.

At just 16 when he shot it, [Hill] makes a hard film about difficult thematic issues about jellyfish, mental illness, sexual abuse – a difficult film with realistic facts on the side of a horrible situation. Face to face

  • Pros
  • This atem is durable
  • The dimensions of this item are strong
  • Cons
  • Its face shape is not best


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6. Kristin Paradise 25Pcs Bee Honey Photo Booth Props with Stick

Kristin Paradise 25Pcs Bee Honey Photo Booth Props with Stick


This set of fly themed party decorations for boy toddler adult bedding, baby shower, gender reveal and more.

These work for the decoration of Halloween The theme can not be as scary as it is for young children, mostly with complex trauma. Children and parents liked it. We also used a backdrop.

The glue dots included for sticking a wooden stick on paper cut outs, though. It’s hard to get off the sheet and then put it in the proper place. The stick was not attached. Finished using regular tape.

What a cool addition to the baby shower. Welcome Baby! I can’t wait for my nephew to be born, and I can’t wait to celebrate the arrival with these photoshops. This is the beauty of the bees.

The Day Wolf party pulled them out and they felt they had to join. I have a lot of arrangements anyway that I said forget it and go and buy a cheap set to use. She’s cute but takes a long time to go. Also the sticks are very thin which they did not tolerate

Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2019

Color: Farm Photo Booths Certified Shopping Jobs Reviewer Rewards (What’s This?)

The profession itself is lovely but the way you attached them to the sticks was not too hard. They did not stand upright because the disk you used to attach the poles was not strong enough.

I had to warm them up. If you don’t keep them completely separate then they too are stuck together.


  • I loved the support. I bought them for a shower.
  •  It is made of strong cardboard and is strong and strong for connecting sticks.


  • That’s good, but it’s pretty easy to break the stick. The tape that comes with it is not as strong.


7. YGDZ Tiny Wooden Bee Crafts Scrapbooking DIY Party Decor

YGDZ Tiny Wooden Bee


Plenty: 200 pcs of bee decoration stickers, you are able to stick them everywhere that they can fit into the bumble bee theme. Small and cute, the adhesive fly decoration works well and is easily removed as well.

Bee Decoration: A great addition to a floral / bee-themed birthday or wedding ceremony, ideal for children’s shower centerpieces, perfect for school arts and crafts projects, also suitable for holiday costumes.

Easy to use: Just peel the paper with the backing of a fly sticker and small wooden bees will stick to themselves. If you don’t need the backing of the sticker, you can easily leave it behind the flat.

Beyond cute: Small and beautiful, good at adding plants to touch with color and seriously, Bee decoration works well for many crafts, such as picture frames, flower vases, card making, buttons, jewelry, Or paper lanterns

Funny DIY: Bee decoration works well for DIY crafts, it boosts children’s creativity and imagination. Note: Small portions, not for children under 3 to prevent swallowing

I had a lot of fun with 200 bees. They don’t last long on my nylon net skirt. However, netting out was a daunting challenge.

A point of cotton or paper and glue can work best.

The bees were made in a perfect yellow color.


  • These bees were amazing! They stuck like glue to my dress and I tied up with over 100 people for success! They were well made, there was no adhesive reduction, or no paint properly


  • I didn’t trust the adhesive.


8. Sweet HONEYBEE Balloons for Baby Shower Birthday Party Decorations

honey bee DIY balloon


Wow your guests a DIY balloon wreath with this “Sweet Honey Bee” that includes gold confetti dot balloons and beautiful crafts bumbles if you are celebrating a birthday or baby shower! Especially since we make everything so easy by providing you with everything you need to collect and display your garland.

Balloon Garland Farm 6 feet seems a bit smaller than I thought it was, but the process of making this bead is straightforward. I was surprised at how easy it looked even though I thought I was using it wrong. Everything you need is outlined. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a lot cheaper than ordering a balloon store. I was able to assemble it a few days before my party and they kept its size. 


  • Amazing color
  • Keep shine and brighten
  • Yellow clr is so bright


  • Not complete for my baby’s birthday gift.


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9. Baby Favors Candy Boxes for Baby Shower Birthday Decorations (Yellow)

Baby Favors Candy Boxes for Baby Shower Birthday Decorations (Yellow)


Beautiful cartoon design: A sweet, yellow and black striped honey mother is handling her baby bees with a white satin bow inspired by a golden breast. Designed for children

Especially suitable for weddings, parties or happy occasions, best choice as a box gift in front of friends, fill your favorite candy, chocolate, card or other beautiful gift presented to friends, fashion and beauty.

The fly and boxnote paper gift box adopts a pull and push design. Used for easy drag as a soft bounce bridge handle. It is easy to open and close without much effort.

A beautiful candy box can make your candies more decent and attractive. What a surprise to your guests with tasty candy in such a beautiful and special fly box!

What a surprise for your guests with tasty candy in such a beautiful and special fly box.

Warm yellow box with bee design looks beautiful, sash closure will add beauty

Work as a birthday party or boxes in favor of a wedding ceremony; ideal for storing candy or small gifts

Beautiful fever box for weddings, birthdays, bridal shower party

Great table treats for guests at wedding receptions and dinners

I used them for bathing my baby. It was also a sexually explicit shower so the theme was what would a baby fly do? They were easy to assemble and very cute. They were actually much bigger than I expected. We kissed for about 14 feet of chocolate in almost every one and it still didn’t look “full” to me, so we put some white tissue paper around the chocolate too. We also gave small amounts of honey to these favors, and the decoration, plates, cups, etc. were all black and yellow. I think they went well with our guests.


  • Light and easy to set up the screen
  • The boxes are well designed


  • Not lightweight


10. Yellow and Black Stripe Girl Baby Shower Decoration

Yellow and Black Stripe Girl Baby Shower Decoration


Yellow and black stripes revert to handmade bombs on the honeycomb style. What a beautiful way to serve a cake served? Sex shows a party or baby shower, a first or second birthday for little girls, or a bridal shower. Great for summer gatherings for children and adults.

Three sizes of standard home and store bought cupcakes. Combine these easy paper cup cake decorations in seconds by sliding the tabs into one of three slots. The diameter at the bottom of the submitted wrapper can be adjusted to these sizes: 2.25 inches, 2 1/8 inches, or 2 inches. They are restrained, not cups. Use them as beverage sleeves, cupcake wraps, or as a party collar for beautiful single-circuit treats or appetite at your party or wedding buffet.

Made in the USA – High, high quality heavyweight paper is coated in water to help your cupcake tower or dessert display look fresh and amazing for hours. Make ordinary cupcakes look like professional decorating masterpieces in seconds.

Easy cup cake decoration. This cup cap wrapped is a quick and easy way to decorate cupcakes or other party food to fit your theme or party. No need for colorful frostings and elaborate toppers, just skirt your cupcakes and make a magnificent tower of yellow and black cups with your bakery or home-made ordinary cupcakes in minutes.

All Occasions – This beautiful bumble bee party supplies the sweet display of a honey bee hive that features the first birthday of a beekeeper or sweet mother to bee baby for a baby Is given a bath. Create and decorate a buzz for a spelling bee in the classroom in school.


  • These cups are a quick and easy decoration for your child’s first birthday party or party favors.


  • They are not a beautiful way to decorate baby showers and birthday celebrations


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